Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

I've come across some startling revelations over the course of the day.

  1. Despite having grown up with the belief that I am in fact a woman, there's the possibility I might actually be the embodiment of stereotypical male-know-it-all. When handed I'm a manual to a product with the order to "read this and figure out how it works", my instant reaction is to recoil away, cross my index-fingers into a crude crucifix, and respond with "Why would I do such a thing? It has wires and things, and I have google at my disposal. I can figure it out myself!" (Sticky Note: Do I rely on Google too much? Or is this one of those questions better left unanswered? I don't know, I better google it.)

  2. Do you know that person? Y'know, the one who you ask an inane/rhetorical question about something on the computer, the one who says, "Do you want me to show you?" and then without waiting for an answer yanks away your mouse and keyboard and does it for you, then after a little bit of chaos and the occasional blue screen of death, presents your fixed problem with a look that says, "Aren't you so happy now? :D", and then realizes their faux pas about five seconds later and tries to quietly slink away and hope that you didn't actually notice any of that?

    ... that's me.

  3. If it were possible, when I write my entries/comments on LJ, I would totally put virtual stickies on about every other sentence. This is possibly why it takes me thirty minutes to reply to a simple question. (Eight to twelve hours if it's a serious question. A week if it's an e-mail.) (Sticky Note: Have I forgotten to e-mail somebody?)

  4. "Win the lottery and buy self, friends, and family shiny things" may not actually be a viable long-term goal. (Sticky Note: Why is life so cruel?)

  5. LJ's Rich Text Editor is not a benevolent creature.

  6. I really shouldn't skip lunch. Hunger makes me loopy.

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