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YARRR! "Remnants" Drunken Episode Reaction

Okay, I've learned the trick to initial viewings of Joe Mallozzi episodes: drinking.

No, seriously. He's brilliant when I'm sloshed (okay, on my way there. Have to start celebrating early, right?) I mean, yes, I still guess everything way before it's revealed, but it's because he and I are MIND TWINS1. That's it. Or the margaritas.


Unlike his last contribution to this season, I did enjoy this episode (even if the explanation at the end... oh, Joe, we need to work on your exposition.)

Okay, enough of the cheap shots at Joe M., because he usually only writes one Travelers/Whispers per season. Now, onto the ♥'s!

♥ As usual, WOOLSEY Are any of you surprised? No. Me neither.
♥ John and Rodney snarking after the AI/ark/thingie-whose-technical-name-I-have-forgotten was beamed up. Yeah. No surprise there either. Snark ftw!
♥ KOLYA AND MINDGAMES. Or Kolya is a mindgame.
♥ Rodney freaking out at inviso!Radek calling him brilliant was hilarious and oh-so fanon-come-canon. Or maybe just the greyias fanon-come-canon. Hush, I have tequila in hand, I can talk about myself in third person.
♥ PARRISH CAME BACK. And Lorne warned John about him! No, this doesn't make him Lorne's canon!geek, but now I have three scenes to base his characterization on, rather than just one. (And, god, he still squees about plants. Oh, Parrish, ILU)
♥ FOG PPL RETURN - Continuity for the win! * - (caveat/rant listed in the non-♥ section)
♥ Woolsey and the Political Machine!
♥ Oh, John, you have issues. And I ♥ you for it. (Although why did your subconscious not conjure up a "OH NOES! YOUR TEAM!" with everything else?, I guess they're lumped in with city concern. This is just a cognitive dissonance I'm having in this case.)
♥ TEAM EATS BREAKFAST TOGETHER. Without going on missions together. Team eats meals together just 'cause. OH TEAM ♥ Although, uh, without Torren and Kanaan? Eh? Maybe Torren's just too young.
♥ Teyla inviting Woolsey to eat with team!
♥ Woolsey realizing that he wants to be on Atlantis. And fights to stay there.
♥ Woolsey/AI =/= my new OTP (WOOLSEY + TODD FOREVAH), but it's intellectually cute.
♥ Tequila! ...that wasn't in the episode. I'm getting sidetracked.

And some ♂ (why yes, I am using random, amusing symbols at this point):

♂ I love the continuity they're weaving back in. I do. I really do because it makes for that much more fun of a show. (And me shouting "THE FOG PPL ARE BACK!" loudly before it's actually revealed on-screen. Whoops.) But... are they trying to make up for the lack of a show bible in the last season? Hrm... makes me think... for about two seconds. Oh well, I don't care. Show, you're doing it right!
♂ * - Caveat/Rant: While "Home" isn't my favorite of the first season episodes, aside from the really fun character analysis you can get out of it, I've always been a little... annoyed that the show has seemed to forget that Humans + Wraith aren't the only species in Pegasus. I like that Stargate has always had a reason for so many humans on so many worlds (even if the language... sorry, another rant), but at the same time, I really want to see more diverse life. We know it's out there, but the existence of the Unas, the Asgard, and the... mist/Z-people-whose-name-I-will-commit-to-memory-tomorrow. I understand the limitations on why (budgetary, or the Star Trek "everyone has a different forehead ridge" limitation), and appreciate that when we do get one, it's usually something that doesn't look completely human. Still. A bone every now and then? Not referring to human populations as aliens?
♂ I... kind of called all of the twists early in this episode. About the scene after inviso!Radek calling Rodney brilliant I suddenly went, "Hey! Wait a second...", the moment John's hand "got cut off" (since it's in his head, I don't need to rant about the mythical forgotten "mental component" of Ancient tech?), and when Woolsey found his woman on the balcony my mom went "That's strange" and I went "She's not real. No self-respecting scientist would forget to zip up her shirt." And then, of course, I guessed fog people like five seconds before Rodney had his sudden "OMG!" moment.

Still... I'll probably rewatch this episode. (Sober? Well, we'll see.) I enjoyed it, it made me giggle, it made me squee, and hey, it entertained me. That's what I ask.

Oh, and before I forget, I must share the best quote of the night. I can't even claim it! XD

ME: Well, I think it's all in his head.
DAD: But why would Sheppard want his hand cut off?
MOM: Because he's always wanted to wear a hook!

Oh, John, you pirate wannabe, you!

Any bets on how much I'm going to be covering my face in shame tomorrow for inebriated posting? Or not f-locking this post in self-defense?

EDIT: Follow-up question: Was the tequila making me guess things later than everyone else? XD

1 - MIND TWINS Concept © dovil 2008.
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