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Miller's Crossing - What's a Ninjanapper to Do?

Posted for friendshipper, who missed last week's fun romp through psuedo-Atlantean corridors with ninjas and Sharron Jeannie.

Flash game silliness below cut. Some spoilers for the episode, but mostly on my end.

Last week's flash game, which I capped like usual (it's this strange obsession of mine. Don't ask, I don't know why), I neglected to make an entry on, or share the bounty. So let us experience the game, as if it were still here.

We start off with our usual introduction from Carter. Unfortunately it seems Carter's developed a bit of brain fog and has forgotten Jeannie's name.

Fortunately, our bad guys of the week the wraith (oh wait no, they finally got off that kick),  the ninja kidnappers of Devlin Medical Technologies do not need to know Jeannie Sharron Mrs. Miller's proper name, just a general idea of what she looks like.


Okay, so maybe they don't look exactly like ninjas, but ninjanappers is so much more fun to say than plain ol' kidnappers.

Before we start though, Carter has some more information for us.

However this is a damn dirty lie, because those ninjas were all over poor Rodney and never once did I get a game over screen. Also, someone seriously needs to proof these games for capitalization errors and character names. It's obviously more than a mere typo at this point. But I digress.

We start off in our first level, and despite the fact that nowhere in the episode were we in Atlantis, an Ancient warship, Asuras, or anything closely resembling Lantean technology...

We're stuck in the same corridors we have been for the past how many weeks now? Now I know you're panicking because one of those stealthy ninjas is getting close to Jeannie, but worry not. It's almost impossible to get a game over this time around.

The answer is D, because they obviously kidnapped the wrong person. I must wonder though, what is the N.I.C.?

To save you loading time, here's a link to level two.

Well I don't know about Sharron (that poor girl, made into a vegetable, and then kidnapped by inefficient ninjas), but McKay was kidnapped to... wait a second, "Cure the kidnappers daughter of Nanite cancer therapy"? That's just... never mind. I'm feeling like one of those wanker grammar nazi fans at the moment.

And we move onto level three, which is also rather simplistic, because all you have to do to is grab both McKays and you're done. So I had a little fun (which sadly, I neglected to cap), and proceeded to have Ronon blast all the ninjas to the netherworld, while Sheppard played hero. Now that I think about it... Ronon usually plays the muscle for me in these games:

"Oh, no, it's a Wraith/Bolo-Kai/Replicator/Marine/Ninja!"

"We've got Ronon, no need to worry."

"No, we just have Keller and Teyla this week."


...I need a life.

Anyway. I let Ronon play the hero in the final level, and after decimating the entire ninja population, swoops in and saves the day. Again, not the most inspiring ending shot. I mean, why can't we have a shot of Halling!Wraith feeding on Rex Wallace Van de Kamp? "You saved the McKays! Yay!" Okay, maybe not. Again, the game over screen is much more interesting, although this time around it's a little painful.

They probably realized their mistake from the massive squeefest that was the Doppelganger game over screen, and opted to make us feel guilty by infecting Jeannie with nanites, rather than the shot of Rodney's failed escape attempt. That, and it's almost impossible to get a game over this round. I mean, I had to work for that game over. Apparently Ronon's ninja slaughtering prowess scared the bad guys into running away from him.

Finally, another addition for our SGA Flash Game Family:

Jeannie Sharron Jeannie. She looks so overjoyed.

I also have caps of Keller (who strangely resembles Jeannie), and Teyla in her Bolo-Kai butt-kicking outfit if anyone is... really that curious.
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