Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

Breaking the silence

Right now I have a deep-seated jealousy for the rest of my f-list, and everyone who is able to express themselves without this horrible fear plaguing them that makes them private their entries at the last minute. So, instead of actually making a statement and taking responsibility for my words and actions, I'll show a video that sums up my feelings, and explains why I've disappeared for the past few weeks:

There. Doesn't everyone feel enlightened? I certainly feel like I got something off my chest. Mental note: Sarcasm still isn't translating well into text. Must check with lab monkeys.

In other words... hi guys. I was gone, now I'm back. I might say something of substance later, because it feels like it needs to be said. I honestly can't elaborate more, because each time I do, I get on a soapbox. And as fun as it is to climb up on one, I always seem to come down smelling like an ivory bar with the lingering stench of self-righteousness.

So, I'll save that particular aroma for another day where my show isn't officially going into reruns, because right now? I want to squee. I don't know if I will, but it's what I feel like doing. Like procrastination, there's always another day to be a jerk.

Besides, I have the feeling anything I'd say, after a few days, would basically sound like the song in the video. *g*
Tags: drama llama, random
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