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Random Things I've Learned this Week:

  1. The "Replace Color" feature in Photoshop CS3 (Image -> Adjustments -> Replace Color) is a lying liar that lies. Or, at least it's a very misleading tool. I have spent hours agonizing about colors not matching, when I realized that it applies the shade/color you pick to the one you're "replacing", it doesn't actually replace it. My faith in Photoshop is forever shaken.

  2. How to Build a Snow Cave - Thanks to my handy dandy, Worst-Case Scenario 2009 Daily Survival Calendar I will never go shelterless in a snowfilled area ever again. Unfortunately due to the fact that I couldn't remember to bring in my calendar until this morning, I've missed all of the other helpful winter survival situations. So it's possible after building my shelter, I will be royally screwed.

  3. Speaking of Desk Calendars... - I might not be someone who should have one of these. I feel incredibly guilty about throwing away every piece of paper I peel off. Especially when they're so fun!

  4. Misty - Our German Shepherd is getting too smart for her own good. Crafty dog somehow managed to get out of her kennel this morning. It has yet to be determined whether she can actually open the latches on her kennel, or if it was human error. Either way, there is the sad possibility my dog might one day try to topple the human regime, and I'll have to stop her. For the good of the planet. *sniff*

  5. I Fail at Replying to Comments - Okay, I've actually known this for a while, but I somehow have not found time to finish replying to everything last week. So for anyone thinking I might be ignoring them... I'm not. I just really don't know how to manage my time at the moment.

  6. I need to have a voice recorder on me at all times - If only so that when people say things like "the only reason Obama got elected is because 24 got the American public used to a black man being president" I can play it back to them, over and over and over until they hear the words that they're saying, and possibly think about the implications of said words. It's probably a much more effective tactic than going "... ... ..." or "Way to dis-empower the voting public". Especially since "dis-empower" is not a word.

  7. Context is a wonderful thing - and taking the time to find it helps me come down from the angry/offended cliff edge I find myself getting on perusing around the blogosphere. It's also a nice reminder that I'm entirely too vague in my own entries, especially when I'm trying to be *gasp* thoughtful.

  8. Angry people make me tired - They really do. Not that there's not always a reason for their anger, their anger isn't justified, or anything of that sort -- but it's still incredibly draining. Also, I need to take more B-vitamins.

  9. Sadly, I'm too tired to try and put context on some of the above items. Partly because somehow, my thoughts inevitably drift so far away from the original context that it becomes useless without a very detailed diagram, and man, those take time.

  10. Stephen King is Made of Awesome. But more on this later.

  11. Once again, hunger is making me loopy. I should probably, y'know, eat something.

  12. Coherency is overrated
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