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All right, just to get rid of that pesky "Make your first entry now!", I'll go ahead and bite the bullet and (finally) make my first entry on this journal. I have a more personal (hardly ever updated) blog over on GreatestJournal where I post my rants more personal thoughts, here I plan to share things of a more fannish/fandom type nature, as well as my dabblings in various works. After all, it seems to be the happening thang.

Hopefully I can figure out LJ's new-fangled customization system so yes, one day, my journal can be pretty as the rest of them. Maybe I should just find a few layouts and switch them out depending on what writing mode I'm in. Hrmm... there's a thought. Guess I should go be a good lemming and update my user info now. *sigh* Such trouble setting up new blogs.

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