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How to Survive When Stuck on an Opening Drawbridge (aka, a Monday)

Or maybe this post should be titled Hey, You Survived the Weekend (which Survived the Work Week)... but that would be long, cumbersome, and probably a little confusing. Sadly, Saturday night one small drink with the folks turned into an all-night party. Unfortunately that led to Sunday, where I was actually contemplating my survival of dehydration because I couldn't keep water even down. Oh... I need to start partying with people my age again. It's always much more lethal with my parents. (Also, much more lethal when you combine chardonnay and vodka. I'll save everyone some time: DON'T.)

Sunday morning I woke up with a dry mouth, and that vague dread you have when you realize you're conscious, but in a completely different room than when you were last cognizant. After a leery stretch for the nearest internet enabled device, I discovered that I thankfully passed out before I could grace you all with my lovely, illogical drunken wisdom. It was close, though. I had apparently started a post, but never finished it. For your amusement, here's a snippet:

"...And for some reason, I thought that my f'list needed to see my wundermous crayon sketching I did while at Macaroni Grill. There's a possibility that burning desire came from the very well-mixed martini that accompanied my pasta. (Did I mention that it was a long week?)

Actually... I have no idea who it is. I think when I started I had grandiose plans to make a Samurai!JohnSheppard, because I can't seem to stop making SGA comparisons to whatever I watch. In this case, Gintama, in which I have become convinced that fanon!SGA would make the world's most awesome anime. (Sadly, I think I'm more or less sober when I have these particular thoughts.) About the time when I was ready to draw John's clothes (okay, just his shirt... I ran out of room), I chickened out, because I can't draw a kimono to save my life. So I decided to make him a pirate, even though he really didn't look that much like John Sheppard at this point. I think my attempt was to make table!art for maybe jadesfire's pirate!John, but sadly, the shirt wasn't nearly frilly enough. His hair was too... spiky for rhymer23's pirate!John... so he's the yet-to-be-written-AU pirate!John... with an earring. And spiky hair.

Or maybe he's just some other random pirate guy. With an earring. And spiky hair.

But a pirate he be! (I'm sure there are purpely stripey pants where the paper tablecloth ended.)", yeahhh. Thankfully, though, I did not press "Post" at the end of the (even longer) drunken ramblings. Small favors.

We just finished up with the rather large project here at work, so I have a little time to breathe this afternoon before we start on the next big project. I'm thinking, though, that I seriously need to carve out some time of day to work on my writing. I might have to become a morning person, or something, since that appears to be the only time of day where nothing (and no one) can really interfere and distract me.

And... um... meme?

Comment with a story I've written, and I will tell you one thing I knew, learned, or wondered about while writing the story that didn't make it onto the page.
Tags: fanart, meme

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