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Now that I've finally exorcised those pesky Lightswitch fics, I can make a far less substantial post about the general goings on in the life of the Grey one. November was quite a busy month for me, some not-so-great things happening (and again today, WTF? Do I have some strange variant of the Cartwright Curse this year?), and also some much nicer things.

The Greymobile got an upgrade.

For starters, it's actually gray.

And a few more horsepower. (Nothing excessive like 340... no, not at all.)

Just a nice little family car.

Reeeeal nice.

Aside from the Lightswitch fics, I've made some minor updates on my other WIPs. Now my goal before Christmas is to try to do one Secret Santa fic, and complete a cutesy Four Brothers Xmas fic as well. And perhaps a silly SGA holiday one as well (but only if there's time). There's also the small possibility I may have already finished my Christmas shopping as well, I just have to check over my list. I'm awful efficient this year, what's up with that?

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