Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

It must be a Monday...

The day started bright, as I woke up to a pleasant morning drive, and the knowledge that I broke through the procrastination monster on the most depressing fic known to man my story for the enter_tzone challenge. Oh, and my resolve broke sometime around eight PM on Friday and I have a shiny new Tablet PC with Windows Vista Ultimate installed. Now I can fic and sketch on one computer without having to find a perfectly flat and wide working surface to fit my Wacom on. Oh, and I'll be able to play Sims 3 when it finally decides to come out. (Priorities, people, priorities.)

After a minor panic this morning, I have (almost) checked in with all of my Australian folks to make sure they're doing good (mcicioni, how are you faring?). Hey, I even managed to finish a long lingering project at work that kept getting shoved to the side. Life is looking good.

Then I get a message about an issue on one of the DVDs that turns out to be something on the master/original discs we have on file. A, um, thing I should have picked up on seeing as how I'm the one who does a lot of the quality control testing for the department. For a product. That we have sold. For over a year. Much headdesking ensues (I foresee a lot more of this for the rest of the afternoon.) And during my "OMG WHERE DID THE SOUND GO? QC DISASTER! EVERYONE FLEE!" panic, decides to send me a bright and chipper e-mail that they're now accepting orders for the Kindle 2.0, "order yours today!" And see, I would, but they never gave an actual release date so I went ahead and bought a computer instead. As far as Mondays go, this isn't the worst by far... but I'm starting to look around the office suspiciously, waiting for the other shoe to come flying out of nowhere and smack me upside the head.

But on the bright side, I don't work in the City of Houston IT Department. Computer virus rampaging through the dockets? I think someone's head is going to roll.

Look's like my lunch hour is up. Cross your fingers, I'm going back in.
Tags: g33k tech, kindle, mondays are evil, wangst

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