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Presents, Graphite, and Sketches, oh my!

About to start wrapping my many many Christmas purchases as soon as my wrapping buddy comes over (we're making a party out of it... because...).

However I've been sketching all day after discovering an article yesterday about inking in Illustrator. I'm eager to try it. I planned out a rather large and detailed picture for it, but when I settled down to sketch during some capturing/rendering today at work (because what else could I do? ;)  I wound up going with a different image altogether. The side of my hand is covered in graphite, for the first time in years and it's wonderful. I've been having a lot of trouble with drawing on the tablet lately, so this was nice and freeing in a way.

This is a scene from an AU story/quasi-novel I'm working on that hopefully will be a mix of mystery, suspense, and of course, whump.  Ronon, Teyla, and Rodney were all adopted by John's parents when they were children (for various reasons at different times). The story actually picks up when they're all adults. Rodney has just picked John up from the airport, and suddenly John's having flashbacks to when he taught Rodney to drive.

(and now the other half of the car)

(I included the mini sketches at top because I found them amusing. I decided to go with a rant instead of road rage, mostly because I can see him doing this as he's talking to John... I can see him road raging in Houston morning traffic though.)

Sadly, I still really need to work on hair, and getting my mind out of that "flat" thinking when drawing. There will be much that will be fixed in Illustrator I'm hoping. I'd figured I would share though, and if anyone has any tips or things I might be able to fix, I'm all ears..
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