Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

Oversized Bumper Cars -- not so much fun it turns out

So, I was planning on making a very thought provoking post about Amazon-Fail, censorship (intentional or not), and how to make a proper apology (ie: "I am sorry. I am so sorry, we did not mean for this to happen. Please accept our apology as we attempt to fix this" over "It's a glitch, just hold on and it'll be fixed. Gawd.")

Sadly, those plans were cut short by being granted the opportunity to share with everyone yet another fun-filled car story, this time with direct involvement!

Not-so-long-story-short: I am fine.

Actually, it's not a very long, complicated, or nearly as hilarious of a story as the last one I was able to share with everyone. Basically I got invited, by the front bumper of another car, to join in a very minor traffic snare on my commute home this evening. I've been embellishing a little and calling it a "four car pile-up", but that's probably unfair, because there was very little piling involved. More like a slow-paced, domino effect of one car bumping the other, and with me at the front end of the train. Long story short, as it usually happens someone couldn't stop in time and slammed into the car in front of her, and that person hit the one in front of it, which was bumped forward and would have missed me had the driver behind me... not stepped on his gas?

Yeah, luck of the Irish, right?

Welcome home, Grey, we've missed you--*CRUNCH*

I was moving at a low-speed though, the person behind me wasn't going very fast either, so it felt more like a bump on my end than a full-on collision. Luckily, I leave an obscene amount of space in front of me usually, so the game of bumper cars ended with me. Since there were so many cars involved, we did have to wait for the police to come (and the obligatory tow-truck brigade... and the ambulance that I couldn't figure out if any of the other cars needed... and a few members of the toll road authority... for a second I thought a fire truck was going to join in, but it passed us up.)

Rather uneventful after that, as it was mostly waiting for the police report to be written. Other than a dent in my trunk and some scuffing on my bumper, my car is fine -- and I'm feeling no ill-effects myself. So for an unexpected afternoon full of bumper cars, I think I got off pretty easy!
Tags: rambling, this shit is b-a-n-a-n-a-s

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