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End-of-year fic roundup meme

Ganked from friendshipper and leesa_perrie. Quickly posting it so I can get it out before the New Year hits:

What I wrote in 2007:
Ancient 101 - Bored boys being boys.
It's Cauld Out There! - Written for my beta and good friend Gayle, who was going through a horrible cold snap. So I made Lorne and Carson suffer with her, and yey, it was good.
Otters, Otters Everywhere! - ...because I'm on crack? And Gayle wanted a sequel.
Revenge of the Discs - If I have to suffer, so does Rodney!
The Night of the Tentacle - I was really bored at the lake one weekend.
This Never Happened to Kirk - Written the same weekend I finished "...Discs". I was on a humor kick apparently.
By Any Other Name - More editing on this one than you can shake a stick at! And I might have to still go back and revise it to make it completely and canonically accurate.
The Lightswitch stories (1, 2, and 3) - I hope these guys leave me alone for a while, they're so fun, but so cracked.
No Traveller Returns - The end of "This Mortal Coil" seemed a little unnessecary to me, and it would have been far more interesting if these guys had stayed in play.
Unspoken Bond - Written for Leesa Perrie for the Jumperbay Secret Santa, a shot at a Ronon, Radek, and Rodney friendship fic.

Best Laid Plains (Four Brothers, gen, h/c) - Apparently my Nanowrimo was in August/September. New fandom, new characters, hopelessly self-indulgent on the angst and vengeance on this one.

Total fics in 2007: 12

Words written (completed fics only): 71,929

WIPs currently residing in my SGA WIP folder: ...12, which is much better than I was expecting. Other fandoms, too many to count, and besides, I haven't recovered some documents that were exclusively on the stolen laptop.

My favorite story of 2007: That's like picking a favorite child... "Revenge of the Discs" cracked me up WAY too much while writing and editing. I also really enjoy some of the subtler things I put in there. So I'll go with that one.

Biggest surprise: "Best Laid Plans", which came out of no where and was written in the span of a month. It was a whirlwind experience, and I love absolutely love the Four Brothers fandom, who were so very supportive and just awesome in general.

Most difficult story: "By Any Other Name", hands down. A completed fic has never sat on my computer for over a month as I try to figure out what's not working. I've never had such self-restraint in my life.

Best fangirl moment: The Rawhide gathering in San Antonio, where I got to meet Gayle in person for the first time, and also getting to meet my first beta/one of my writing mentors, Mirna, and everyone else who attended. I never had so much fun getting lost in a strange city!

Second-best fangirl moment: Atlantis getting renewed for a fifth season! Seriously, I bought myself presents I was so happy.

What I'm most proud of: That I managed to kick myself out of the laptop-theft funk and resume writing. I enjoyed everything I wrote this year, but I don't feel I can really thump my chest on any of them. I'm really proud of some of the WIPs, but they're still in progress...

Things I learned about writing in 2007: Commas! <3 Gayle! Something finally clicked in my head, and I can see the comma splices when self-editing. I guess I've also learned to loosen up my style more at some point, because things are flowing a lot freer now.

Status of WIPs: Um, they're coming along?

Writing goals/hopes/plans for 2008: Maybe finish some of those WIPs that have been sitting on my hard drive since Season 2. Finish at least the A-storyline for Twilight of the Idols. Finish the promised stories for the Four Brothers fandom, because they're all so lovely and encouraging there (and in desperate need of something to thin out the Mary Sues). Oh yes, and do a lot of writing for 30_gens and [info]au100.
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