Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

What's in a name?

Uh oh... I just got a Dreamwidth invite code (yay for the lottery!), but I'm faced with a new dilemma. The user name "grey" is still open at Dreamwidth. Do I become a bland color, or keep my strange and unique, but probably confusing to pronounce "greyias"?

Poll #1385367 Dreamwidth

So... username?

greyias - Be unique and stay as you are! We won't be able to separate you from the other Grey's otherwise.
grey - Take it and run! You'll never get another chance! (I also can't spell your username without copy and paste)
Give me your DW invite code and no one gets hurt.
You're polling me to death. Stop the madness!

ETA: I went with the overwhelming majority, and stuck with greyias. Although there's nothing new over there yet. I'm still setting things up, but it's very interesting.
Tags: dreamwidth

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