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Dear SPN,

Plz to b stop killins charactrz jus becuz they not Sam/Dean. I likesd Adam. He could have maek fun recurrin charactr. While teh epi had ♥ly simmetree & fun meta in-joeks, i am to be angry rite now. I liked Scrappy Doo. Whiel u r at it, plz b stoppin de Sammy teh Antichrist. Brothers should lub each other.



PS - Thnx 4 cunferming mai theoree about John Winchester de ladees man. How minny xtra kids do u fink he haz?

ETA: OMG Dreamwidth cross-poster, not cool stripping out my spoiler cuts. Guess there are still a few kinks to be worked out there.
Tags: episodes, lolspeak, spn

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