Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

Absolutely spoiler-ridden rambling squeefest of new Star Trek movie

AAAAAND HOMGWESTARTWITHEXPLOSIONS, and then there's this giant squid ship that emerges from the middle of nowhere and we have no idea what's going on but they're firing their torpedos PEW PEW PEW at the Federation ship and they're taking damage and then ERIC BANA THE MOST BADASS ROMULAN EVER comes on screen and demands that Captain Awesome, who has a real name but I don't remember it, come on over to negotiate a "cessation of fire" which is tricksy Romulan speak for "We're going to kill you" and Awesome field promotes his little duckling/first officer into CAPTAIN KIRK (but not that Captain Kirk) who I think is descended from John Sheppard because his first action as captain is to evacuate the crew and go on a suicide run, ramming Starship I-Don't-Remember into the Romulan Squidship, which doesn't really hurt it much, but hey the crew makes it out alive, oh yeah, and Kirk is born--and then we see John Sheppard little Jimmy Kirk jacking cars and driving them down the highways at a GAZILLION MILES AN HOUR, and then Robocop tries to pull him over, so Jim decides to drive the car off the cliff--no, he really does, barely jumping free as the car careeeeeeeens over the side and he's good but uh-oh here comes Robocop and Jim's in trouble but then we fade out he and a giant metal insignia comes on the screen and finally, we see the title screen: we're watching Star Trek.

Seriously, the first, what ten minutes of this movie has enough action to make your head explode. And I don't mean that in a bad way, it's made of pure concentrated awesome. This movie seriously rocked my socks off on so many levels, maybe partly because I had absolutely no expectations going into it. I loved almost everything about it. The set designs, the costuming, the special effects (I'm not sure I've geekgasmed over special effects like I did for this movie: Warp drive. Phasers. Transporters. All are just wow.) Just... everything. The story, the homages to classic Trek, the action, the creatures, the cultures (they look different, but not just because of forehead ridges *cheers*), the attention to detail, and above all--the characters.

Seriously, I think I fell in love with each and every crew member. Jim is charming, captivating, and utterly a jerk but a ultimately a wonderful one. Bones, OMG, Bones is so adorably loyal to Jim and absolutely hilarious in his own way. Uhara is smart and competent. Sulu kicks ass and swashbuckles. Chekov is adorable. Scotty made me cackle and howl. They have Captain Pike, and he too is awesome. And Spock... oh, Sylar-Spock *pets*, just so... so... perfect. Both of them.

It all comes together to make one hell of a film. While I've enjoyed the other Trek films, they did not make me throw my arms up in glee like this one did. I do suggest seeing it in theaters if you can, because the soundtrack and the score is just as great as the rest of the movie. We were close to a speaker, so every time a ship went into warp, you could feel it.

In conclusion: if for some reason you're reading this and you haven't watched this movie... DO IT. I do not normally squee like this over films.
Tags: something's going to explode, squail, squee, star trek
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