Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

Adobe Programmers: I really don't like you right now

Okay, instead of hearing my epic story of conquering wangst and flounces yesterday, I present to my dear f-lists, a mind-blowing discovery: secret menus within Adobe After Effects. Now I'm sure you're thinking to yourself, "Oh, Grey, surely you jest. You just didn't see the menu. It's not really a secret."

Um. No.

It's really a secret. It even says so on the menu.


greyias: GEORGE.
greyias: Adobe has secret menus.
mumumugen: ...OH?
greyias: YES
greyias: I... I need to show you graphically.

(One e-mail later)

mumumugen: did you access this? o_o (I'd never used After Effects though)
greyias: You know when you're trying to access the General preferences?
greyias: IE: Edit -> Preferences
greyias: I held Shift.
greyias: I held FUCKING SHIFT and that's all it took for it to let me render my ABSURDLY simple 3D animation. I don't know whether to be ecstatic, or furious.
greyias: I mean seriously.
greyias: Who codes a SECRET menu?
mumumugen: ...HHUHH
greyias: Dude, I have text, flying off the screen. In 3D space. That's it.
greyias: It's not like I'm re-creating an epic battle in Star Wars
mumumugen: Doesn't seem to be anything like that on Photoshawp
greyias: I know :(
mumumugen: Isn't this like you know
mumumugen: when you're a kid and a friend of yours introduces you to a secret in a videogame
mumumugen: and you're like
greyias: XD
greyias: YES!
greyias: It's that innocuous giant green pipe
greyias: And all you need to do is hold the down/shift button, and you can go fight Bowser at the end

[Context on the issue I was having]

I'm still unsure if I should be shaking my fist at them for leaving such an annoying bug in their program and choosing to code a secret menu instead (and not referencing it... ANYWHERE, seriously, not in the Help Files), or searching every single other Adobe product for a similar secret menu.
Tags: chat transcripts, tips:after effects
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