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Musings Instead of Macros this Monday

No amusing macros this Monday, as I couldn't seem to find one that was suitable. Perhaps I'll make one up for next week.

Will that make it Macro Monday?

This weekend I went back to a simpler time: the eighties. My second season DVD set of Simon & Simon arrived, and I spent most of Saturday night watching it in all of its cheesy, preppy, and technicolor glory. The writing isn't fantastic, and I wince every time someone comes onscreen wearing something highly "fashionable" (or wears a swimsuit for that matter... MY EYES!) -- but there's something about it that I can't help but love. Technicolor and all.

But Technicolor... you hurt me almost as much as the fashion.

My uncle is in town for most of the week, so I thought it best to preserve his sanity and relinquish control of the TV after we managed to find the two most nonsensical episodes of the entire series. It was for the best. Besides, if I really want to break his brain, I just downloaded what's aired of the third season of Primeval. Contingency plans. Yes.

Although I'm thinking of saving those big guns for certain anonymous parents people who keep sending me pictures from their iPhones while I'm at work.

Just a teensy cruel, don't you think?

There's not really much happening on the fannish front* for me. Last week I had one of those attacks that all writers get, where I hate everything, especially myself, and I contemplate hanging up my keyboard for a lifetime of vegging out in front of the Wii. (These are also usually the moments where I come this close to posting a YouTube video of "So Long, Thanks for All the Fish" and no further context -- and there's no good reason.)1

Thankfully after a few hours spent glumly staring at the computer screen, resigning myself to my future of Wiimoting Adventures I had to get lunch -- and inspiration struck.

So I've spent the past week making world maps, reading about any and everything, sketching character profiles in my brain, and not writing a damn thing but having a hell of a time doing it. Which I think is the point. Writing has become a chore as of late, rather than the fun it used to be. Hopefully working on something non-fannish will get the right juices flowing again, because I miss the fun. I miss that adoration for my SGA boys as much as I'm in love with these current guys. Although, I have to say, it's a heck of a lot more work to create the world from the bottom up.

* - I lie. sga_genficathon has finished posting its stories! There's a wide variety of fic, from characters, to subject matter, from epic to short. And after you've finished reading, make sure to try your hand at the "Guess the Author" threads (For both Weeks 1 and 2). Also stay tuned for an upcoming bonus round that goes live, I believe, this Wednesday.

1 - Thankfully I've learned to private/backdate a lot of these posts o' flounce, so you guys don't have to suffer this stupid roller coaster with me.

ETA: Sorry about that, had to fix some coding.

ETA 2: I just remembered. I have an ungodly number (See: 7) of Dreamwidth invite codes I've been inadvertently hording. Is there anyone who's interested in DW who hasn't gotten one yet?
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