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I am somehow surprised, unsurprised, taken aback, and outraged by the Proposition 8 shenanigans that continue in California. My feelings are best summed up by the one dissenting judge on the matter:

"Promising equal treatment to some is fundamentally different from promising equal treatment for all. Promising treatment that is almost equal is fundamentally different from ensuring truly equal treatment."

So, instead of shaking my head, I'm going to meme instead!

Fandom meme snurched up from jadesfire

The rules are simple, if you're interested leave a comment and I'll LJ stalk you to find THREE FANDOMS you apparently love. And then you answer these questions about them!

1) What got you into this fandom in the first place?
2) Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
3) Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?
4) Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
5) Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?

jadesfire gave me Supernatural, Rawhide, and a choice between Doctor Who or Stargate Atlantis. I went with SGA after a little dithering.

1) What got you into this fandom in the first place?
In the pilot episode, after Dean is arrested and is being interrogated by the cops, he's asked if there's anything about him that's real. He replies, "My boots", and gives the cop/camera the most adorable grin.

It all kind of loses coherency after that. *g*

2) Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
Well, I have yet to see the S4 finale, so we'll see if that drives me away. I'm really hoping they bring Sam back from the edge they've been driving him toward since S3. I think I'll always love the show, but I'll probably be distracted by something shiny soon enough.

3) Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?
Hell House, Hollywood Babylon ("Best PA ever!"), Mystery Spot, Wishful Thinking (sensing a pattern here?)

4) Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
I don't really participate much beyond the occasional episode discussion. I was really into the show and fic in its first season, but the show went in a different direction than I was expecting, so the major fannish love has sort of been worn off. I still enjoy watching the show, but I can't seem to get the creative part of my brain to hook onto it properly. Which is sad, because I'm totally a John Winchester fangirl. (When Dean's not grinning, that is.)

5) Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?
I'm afraid I'm not qualified to answer matters in regards to fandom... but I think more people should watch the show, provided they can take the occasional moment of extreme gore, as it's a very fun, happy-making show (for the most part. Ask me again after I've seen the finale.)

1) What got you into this fandom in the first place?
I came home early one afternoon from high school, and while waiting for reruns of Star Trek: TNG to come on TV, I left it on the station on this strange, occasionally overracted program completely in black and white. There were cows. There were horses. There was this cowboy with an absolutely adorable grin and dimples and this familiar face that I couldn't place. And then it ended--on a cliffhanger! And I was hooked.

It turns out I had tuned into what was hailed as the absolutely worst episode of the series ever, and I still loved it. *g* So began my enduring love of westerns, Rawhide, and that cowboy with the dimples: Clint Eastwood.

2) Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
Hrm, this is kind of a weird one. I'm no longer really writing fic for this series or discussing the episodes, but I still consider myself a part of the fandom. I still run (although I'm terribly negligent about it) the rawhide-fic list on Yahoo Group, as well as its fic archive, Whiplash, on my website. I've met so many wonderful friends, including my beta, the ever patient twit1217, and my mentor, the awesome mcicioni. I don't think I could ever move on completely.

3) Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?
Oh man, it's been so long. I can't even remember episode titles, but definitely the one where Rowdy's an idiot over a woman (the one that poisons Indians FNAR other than she's CRAZY), the other one where Rowdy's an idiot over a woman (and winds up getting the entire crew taken hostage, whoops), the one where Rowdy's an idiot over a woman and falls down a partially dug well, the one where everyone thinks Rowdy gets anthrax (and he's too laid up to be idiotic about women), and the one where Clay Forrester is a census taker and Gil threatens to kill him. I don't recall any women making Rowdy act like an idiot in that one. I would say the one where Rowdy gets clonked on the head because that's always fun, but that's just about every other episode.

4) Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
I used to be very active in the fandom, but I've really been distracted by the shiny of other fandoms since then. I do have fic from that era--that a majority of it was written before I graduated high school. Or understood commas it seems from a brief glance.

5) Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?
I think more people should rediscover all of the old B/W classics, including this one. It ranges between being silly and serious, and is fairly good at keeping the focus on the main cast/ensemble, rather than letting the guest stars take over (like other shows in its day would *coughGUNSMOKEcough*)

1) What got you into this fandom in the first place?

And sunblock.

I was visiting NYC shortly before the show premiered, it was unbearably hot, I was dying, and there was a group of people promoting something outside of a mall, what I couldn't tell. What I could tell was that they had an inflatable wading pool filled with glorious, cold water. My memory on the actual game/promo is hazy (c'mon, it's been nearly five years), but it involved either using a toy fishing pole to get something out of the pool or dunking your arm in. Either way, I got wet, which was a happy making thing in and of itself. After getting soaked, they gave me a scratch-off card on a giveaway concerning the show they were promoting, as well as the choice of a tube of chapstick or a bottle of sunblock, both with cute little logo'd blue koozies wrapped around them for easy carrying. I wanted the chapstick, the guy running the promo seemed alarmed by my extremely pale complexion and tried to convince me to take the sunblock instead. I insisted that I really wanted the chapstick. (It was Pina Colada flavor!) He seemed pretty dead set on not letting me wander around the streets of NYC and char myself to a crisp, so he gave me the chapstick, then shoved the bottle of sunblock into my hand as well.

The show they were promoting turned out to be SGA, and at that time I was pretty much dead set against watching anything else Stargate after my bitter encounter with the SG-1 fandom (I liked Jonas while season six was airing, 'nuff said). However, I found the promo guy's concern for me not getting a blistering sunburn kind enough to at least watch the pilot of the show, even though I knew wasn't going to like it.

Um, yeah. We see how well that turned out.

Stargate Atlantis: Proving Me Wrong, Five Years Running

I'm pretty sure I still have at least the koozies for the chapstick and sunblock, as well as the scratch-off card stashed away in my memory box.

2) Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
I would love to stay in this fandom forever, as I adore the characters and I love the people. I love the freedom of expression, the creativity, and how smart everyone is. Seriously, the concentrated brainpower and creativity within this fandom blows me away. I have felt unworthy, jealous, I have left and I came back and found a place yet again. And for all of its crack, it is possibly the sanest fandom I have ever been in.



I'm kind of drifting right now. It's a combination of a lot of things, including a little bit of boredom, my *achem* feelings on how the writing took a spiralling nosedive an unfortunate turn in the last season, and a growing uneasiness with my particular subsect of fandom. I know there are a lot of growing pains right now associated with the show's cancellation, but I'm one of those people who find pain rather painful. Funny that. So in conclusion: I don't know. If I make it until December without wigging out on everyone, then maybe yes...

3) Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?
Episodes: Hide and Seek, The Storm/The Eye, Aurora, Inferno, McKay and Mrs. Miller, Echoes, Doppelganger, Miller's Crossing, Daedelus Variations, The Shrine (gee, that's a surprise), The Prodigal, Vegas. (I do find it supremely ironic that a good portion of my favorites are in season five. That season was all over the freaking map.)

Season: My favorite season as a whole is probably the first season, as it was just such a coherent whole, and had a sense of... something I can't quite describe. I made just about everyone and their mother watch every episode with me, so I would have someone to squee with IRL.

4) Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
Oh, boy do I. I think in this fandom, it's more a question of what haven't I done... slash/ship, ah. I haven't done that... yet.

5) Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?
I am far too biased to give any answer other than a giant, blinky, sparkly, heart-ringed YES.

However, I'd probably strongly caution any newbie against venturing out into the open fandom seas as there be scoundrels who like to plunder squee, especially in any thread/discussion relating to The-Meta-that-Refuses-to-Die (Variants 1-5).

And one more meme! Snagging this from... I think everyone else on my f-list, although naye was the last one I saw with it.

List your 10 favorite 'ships and ask your friendlist what trends they see. Eh, I'm combining ships and friendships. Because that's how I roll.

1. John & Rodney (SGA)
2. Ronon & Teyla (SGA)
3. Teyla/Kanaan (SGA)
4. Joe & Candy (and Joe/Candy) (Bonanza)
5. Locke/Terra (Final Fantasy 6)
6. Doyle/Cordelia (Angel)
7. Fred/Wesley (Angel)
8. Sam & Annie (Life on Mars)
9. Ryan/Taylor (The OC) Shaddup. They were adorable.
10. Jack Sparrow/Black Pearl (Pirates of the Caribbean) It's his one true wub.

And before I forget, I thought I would add that sgabigbang sign-ups are still open in all areas (writers/artists/betas/cheerleaders/coders). jadesfire and I have signed up as a team, which is going to produce some interesting results for sure1. This is the last year this iteration of the Big Bang is going to be run, so if you do want to join in on the fun...

1 - Jades, are you suuuure you don't want to write this?
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