Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

Morning. Why. So. Early? I think I'll just start taking my coffee intravenously, tyvm kind sir with the carafe.

It has been a busy week since our last episode my last post ...MONDAY? Monday.

Tuesday evening I spent schmoozing a little at InfoComm, before proceeding to get lost on the Florida highways with my boss as we journeyed through forests and Disney World trying to find the airport. (HINT FOR NON-ORLANDO RESIDENTS: Three airports in this town. None of them are at Disney World. Lame.) I maintain to this day I told him to get off at 528, he just apparently did hear me. After that fun endeavor, I hit the streets with muzzle_ and bandit_fox. (And those streets are very bruised, let me tell you.) For old time's sake, we went to Giant Fish Buffet on I-Drive, but sadly the giant fish was no longer there. I guess he had gone to that great aquarium in the sky. Sadly, it seemed all the chefs who knew the location of the spice rack went with him. But they made a damn good glass of iced tea. So at least there was that. Then we decided we were going to hit the town because we're violent like that, but sadly, we discovered that nothing free and/or non-restraunty to do on I-Drive is open past ten PM. So we came back to my hotel room and proceeded to talk and snicker amongst ourselves until about 1 AM.

Wednesday I caught up on some blessed sleep in the morning, conventioned in the afternoon, and spent the evening with [info - personal]aelfgyfu_mead. My skills as a navigator had not greatly improved over the course of a night, so it took us a little while to find Downtown Disney, but once we did, we visited the Lego Store. (Home of the mindblowingly awesome giant lego statues.) We chatted about various RL and fandom things, especially Primeval, which I discovered is apparently better when watched with other people. (Like a buddy system, they keep you from facepalming yourself into a concussion.) We discovered a delicious Chinese/Sushi restaurant on I-Drive, before we had to bid each other adieu.

I spent the rest of the night studying ugh for my test tomorrow. Magic Eight Ball says that's likely how I'm going to spend this evening too. Hopefully the hotel's wireless will like me enough this evening so I can look over the online reference materials as well.

And now, I must flap my wings, as it's past seven here and I must finish getting ready so I may eat breakfast and start conventioning once again.
Tags: moar coffee, orlando

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