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Good morn--afternoon, everyone!

For those fretting silently at home, I did eventually recover from my hangover on Saturday. Sadly, our refrigerator went to that big appliance store in the sky on Sunday, so we spent some quality family time searching for its replacement. My suspicions is that its demise is related to the heatwave we're experiencing. I've also been told that I'm blaming too many things on the heat wave, so take that as you will.

It's still way too hot for a penguin down here.

Monday morning was spent trying not to snorfle loudly and having to physically resist from commenting on this article. I mean, there's... no. Resisting... resisting... resisti--oh, let's change the subject before I get myself in trouble.

I have proudly finally finished answering the character meme from, gosh, over a week ago. Of course, I may have written mini-novels as answers, which took more time than I'm willing to admit to. But at least there were no spreadsheets this time around.

Sadly, I have run out of interesting things to talk about. Which is rather convenient, because my lunch break is over and I have to return to fighting with Sony Cinescore. There was a request for more drums in the soundtrack of the video I'm working on, but alas, there is no conveniently labeled "More Cow Bell!" button to be found. Looks like I'm going to have to read the manual. *muttergrumble*

And before I go, because it's a Monday...


I've been meaning to post my Cliché Bingo Card for... probably nearly as long as I was working on that character meme. So, no fancing coding, but before I forget, behold:

I was actually almost disappointed I didn't get some of the racier options, because I had the perfect twist for the "woke up gay" prompt. Not that I don't have enough to keep my busy with above: I'm a little frightened at what my brain is trying to come up with for the "yearning and obliviousness" square. You should be too. I'll do my best to refrain from cackling evilly.
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