Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

Torchwood 3x03 Episode Reaction

Like usual, a little late to the party, and I forget to comment sequentially, but...

(Oh, and very much so spoilers under the cut.)


Oh, this keeps getting better and better. I have no coherence, so just random thoughts, in list form:

  • Dear God. I love the visuals. The editing, the lighting, the cinematography... BBC. This quality? Do it more often, plz. It matches the writing so well.
  • The visual effects are also making me verily happy. Even if we only got five episode seasons of Torchwood from now on, I'd be happy if they were like this season.
  • God, I love Ianto's sister and brother-in-law. They're just so... real.
  • Jack! Got his jacket!
  • Ianto went clothes shopping. Again. XD
  • Jack's daughter kicks ass! So much so, I kind have forgotten her name. (Whoops.)
  • I really don't want to know what sort of "gift" the 456 make out of the children.
  • Have I mentioned I love how alien the aliens are on Torchwood? And yet how human they can be occasionally. And that they ask the big questions, sometimes in a very subtle manner. No? Well, I do. The show may not always get it right, but at least they're trying to tackle these big questions.
  • I also like that they're asking the questions, but throwing in explosions, for my carnage loving heart.
  • And at least one gunfight per episode. They know how to woo a girl.
  • Oh, Ianto, you confused bisexual-in-denial, you. It seems to be someone has been having a little too much fun with Jack over the past year or so to slow down enough to have an identity crisis. Now that he's contemplating being with Jack "until I die--of old age", and having been outed to his sister, I guess the "Oh wait, this might not be strictly heterosexual behavior" angle. I'm actually enjoying seeing this creep in much more than I should.
  • Like when crazy guy says he smells like a "queer". That "OY!" was just... okay, it was a little funny. XD
  • I'm afraid to watch episode four. They're doing creepy really, really well.
  • Random Thought: In the fifth episode, will the 456 posess the children one last time to say: "WE. ARE. GOING."?
  • It's a valid question.
  • Gwen and Rhys are adorable.
  • Jack gave the kids away the first time... Gwen looked like she was about to deck him before we faded to black. Guess I'll have to watch the next episode to see if she does.
Tags: abuse of the bullet point, episodes, torchwood

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