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First Round is On Me

Holy carp! Just when you think it's safe to poke your head back into the LJ blogosphere... the llamas go on parade! Well, I've vehemently vented my opinion on this subject in private, and other people far more eloquent than I have spoken up on the matter recently or in the past. So I'm jumping off of the parade float and heading due south, because what I really need is a good stiff drink. And hey, like the master Jimmy Buffet says, "It's five o'clock somewhere!"


Who's with me?

I'm heading over to the pool bar in a Fannish Virtual Tropical Setting. All are welcome to join, provided you have an appetite for mixed drinks and/or alcohol, and at least give some brief thought to joining my drinking game. Non-alcoholic smoothies will also be provided to those who wish to abstain, although the game does seem to work better with inhibitions lowered. Hell, you don't even need to be a member of SGA fandom, or know what I'm talking about, come on over! As I said in the subject line, drinks are on me.

Take a shot!Collapse )

We can waste it away in MargaritavilleCollapse )

I know I'll see some of you at the bar. Cheers!

Rec: The Cat Piano

The Cat Piano

Haunting, chilling, beautiful. This animated short deserves all the awards it has won, and all the viewers it can get. A narrated poem, somewhere a cross between Edgar Allen Poe, noir, and something else. I think I'm going to have to seek out other films this studio has put out.

SynopsisCollapse )

Thank you for the link, Starrah! It is indeedy awesome.


Happy Birthday George!

Happy birthday to my good friend, mumumugen! May your day be happy, and your inbox be free of glowing e-mails.


Tazmy and I... are dorks. :D

sgatazmy: name your weapon
greyias: SNARK

Of course, seeing as how we are rooming together, and are in fact, not even five feet away from each other, we of course need to communicate this via google chat. There is a teensy tiny possibility the cocktail party may have contributed to this conversation some.

A Tale of Betrayal and Woe

Well, I made a mistake last night when I was packing for my trip today. As a veteran traveler, I really should have known better. But I'm human, and we are prone to errors in judgement. My error?

I touched my suitcase.

This is what it got me:


Despite the canine opposition, I'm (almost) packed, and will be getting on an airplane this evening to join everyone else at Writercon for the weekend. I anticipate much fun will be had by all. For anyone who's attending, there will be a H/C panel on Saturday hosted by sholio, sgatazmy, and yours truly, so come check us out if it sounds like your thing.

On a brighter note...

Before I get myself in trouble with snarking, a meme that I saw over on maxiekatt2's journal the other week that looked too fun not to try.

See how long we can carry on a thread using nothing but our icons as communication. The more cracked out, the better. To leave a blank comment, merely reply with nothing but < in the comment field.

So... do I have any takers?


Creating an Ancient PDA from my iPhone

Well, my jailbreaking efforts for my iPhone last night were (eventually) successful, thanks in part to some very helpful tutorials. Jailbreaking software, for those who don't have a g33k dictionary handy, is the process that allows people who own iPhones and iPod Touches to run unofficial code to bypass Apple's sometimes paranoid, sometimes not strangehold on its operating system. In other words, I hacked my phone. And yey, it was good.

However, since this was my actual cell phone that I use for a lot of daily tasks, it was slow going because I needed to be sure I would still function, and so I didn't finish until well past midnight. However, true to my word, this morning I took pictures of what had my squeeing and flailing last night in the early hours of the morning.

My g33kery, it bleeds through even the cut.Collapse )

Another Bad Idea in Progress

On tonight's very special episode of: Why [info - personal] greyias Isn't Allowed Near Tech: "Jailbreaking the iPhone".

Expect many ETAs filled with either pictures, hilarity, or tears to follow.

You would think that if I was this bored, I would write. Brain, why doth thee torture me so?

Many ETAsCollapse )

Fic Rec: Childhood by Pallas-Athena

Fic Rec (Terminator)

Word Count: ~36,000

Childhood by Pallas-Athena

I'll admit, I'm not a big fan of James Cameron or his movies, but for some bizarre reason I cannot tear myself away from the television if one of his movies comes on. It's one of those mysteries of life. What is not a mystery of life? My big giant crush on Michael Biehn and just about any character he's ever played, including Kyle Reese from the first Terminator movie. (It's all Chris Larabee's fault, btw.)

Spoilers for the end of T1, but not anything anyone who has seen the previews for the new Terminator movie couldn't figure out...Collapse )
Icon is directed at myself today.

Good morning, flist!

I am chugging the coffee this morning in an attempt to appear human.

Snipped for girly and childish fearsCollapse )

In non-pathetic news, it's Monday, the sun is shining, and all of that other jazz. I had a lovely weekend, and am less inclined to take up the life of a carnie. Which is good because they kind of freak me out. I've already been through my morning RSS feeds, and picked out some fun nuggets:

Would you like some SCARY with your coffee? Wireless, spywareless keylogging has arrived. Way to ruin Starbucks for the rest of us, hackers1.

1 - Okay, technically this is electronic espionage and not really hacking. But still.

Or what about some cyborg crickets?

No? Er, that's all I've got so far.

Torchwood 3x03 Episode Reaction

Like usual, a little late to the party, and I forget to comment sequentially, but...

(Oh, and very much so spoilers under the cut.)

WE. ARE. COMING.Collapse )

Lions, Tigers, and Fan Awards, oh my!

I want to run away to the circus. There'll be lions, tigers, and bears1! And facepainting too2! Who's with me?

1 - OH MY!

2 - I'm going to get the picture of a wolf howling at the moon on my left cheek. It'll be classy. And EPIC.

Or maybe I'll just run away to Dallas...Collapse )

The Stargate Fan Awards have opened their doors for voting! If for some reason you haven't heard, or maybe have gotten distracted with the shiny that is Torchwood: Children of Earth (and it is shiny), worry not! Voting ends July 31, so there's still plenty of time to read all the fun stories, look at the pretty pictures, and watch all the fantastic videos that have been nominated this year.

I'm personally still waffling over my voting card, because almost all of the nominations are my favorite stories. It's like... choosing a favorite child. How can I pick between my favorite pirate AUs, western AUs, cyberpunk AUs, epic cracky slave team adventures, killer plant stories, and... oh, the whole lot of them, I swear!

I might have a few in there as well.

If you have time, go check out the nominee lists. Even if you don't feel like voting, it serves as a great rec list.

Fortune Cookie predicts alien encounterCollapse )

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